Shillong-The Scotland of India!

In love with the tranquility of the hills? Then you’ll definitely not miss a visit to The Scotland of the East! Shillong, which is the capital of Meghalaya is a breathtaking destination for nature lovers. Full of greenery and serenity, this place has some amazing picturesque landscapes which leaves a lasting impression on its visitors. Here are a few landmarks to guide you through the place…

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1.  Elephant Falls

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The Elephant Falls situated 12 kms away from the capital city of Meghalaya, is a combination of 3 rivers. It is a two-tire waterfall set in the dingles of majestic rocks. The elephant falls is in its best in the rainy season when it comes to its full vigour and liveliness. It is a great place to spend some peaceful time with nature.

2.  Wards Lake

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It is an artificial horse-shoe shaped lake popular for its green stretch and boating. Locally known as Nan-Polok, it also has a orchid filled botanical garden near the lake along with the additional varieties of vibrant flora. It is believed to be constructed by a Khasi prisoner as an escape to his monotonous daily routine.

3. Umiam Lake

Source: Wikimedia
Umiam (water of tears) lake is a man- made artificial lake, commonly known as Barapani. Here are many small villages distributed around and the lake acts as a source of fish and water to these villages. Surrounded by coniferous forests, you can always go for a boat ride, kayaking and water skiing.

4. Shillong peak

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Shillong peak located just 10 kms away from the city has a brilliant view of lush greenery and descending waterfall. It is the highest point in the state of Meghalaya. The view from the Shillong peak is a sight to behold! The peak gives a you a wondrous, unique and a phenomenal all-embracing view of Shillong.

5. Mawjymbuin Cave

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Mawjymbuin cave is located away from Shillong in the Mawsynram village which is the wettest place on Earth.It is a naturally formed cave and carries immense religious significance as it has stalagmite shaped like a Shiva Lingam which is regarded sacred by Hindus.

6. Shillong golf club

The Shillong golf club which is one of the many attractions of Shillong is the largest and the only natural golf course in the whole of Asia. Also known as the Gleneagles of the East, it is set amidst the tranquil and artistic surroundings at over 5000 feet.

Source: Wikimedia

7. Lady Hydari Park

Source: Wikimapia

The Lady Hydari park is designed in a Japanese garden style and is situated in the heart of Shillong. It features a mini zoo as well that has about 73 species of birds, 140 species of reptiles and other mammals. The garden has delicately clipped flower beds, ambrosial lawns, small ponds, rhododendron plants and willow trees which is a treat to the eye for the marveling nature lovers.

8. Spread Eagle falls

Source: OddRoad

The Spread Eagle falls also known as the Sati falls is quite an overwhelming sight. Known by the name of Urkaliar falls by the indegenous Khasi tribe, it resembles an eagle with its wings spread out.

9. Chrysalis the Gallery

Chrysalis is a local art gallery that is run by a local artist, Jaya Kalra. It caters to photographers, sculptors, artisans and painters and displays paintings, sculptures, photography and handicrafts. Located in the heart of Police Bazaar, it displays a blend of works from artists from all over North East.


10. Cathedral Catholic Church

Source: Flickr

Cathedral Catholic Church, also known as the Cathedral of Mary Help of Christians, is set amidst sprawling green lawns. The rock entrenchments were filled with sand which makes the shrine earthquake resistant. It follows the Gothic style of architecture and has a lot of artworks depicting scenes from the religious doctrines.

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Shillong-The Scotland of India!

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