Your Rising Sign Affects Your Style Statement

While generally browsing through the zodiac signs & it’s characteristics, Happened to find something extremely scientific & cool ! Our sun sign tells you who we are but little did we know there exists an ascending sign which portrays all about our identity. Your ascendant also known as rising sign depicts how you show yourself to the outside world. It is all about your character & how the world looks at you. Interestingly, your rising sign can tell you a lot about how you look & your style. What’s more intriguing than knowing how your rising sign affects your personal style? It can make Fashion a LOT easier!

1. Aries Rising are proactive people, they are the warriors. They have a direct & assertive approach to life. They believe in letting their inner confidence talk and feel the need to be in control for everything around. You will find them dressed impeccably, going for silhouettes which ooze confidence & courage. This sign likes to be noticed & hence wouldn’t think before going for bold hues like maroon, blood red.

2. Timeless clothing & classic fabrics are what gets the Taurus Rising Natural fibres like Cotton, Silk & Cashmere are their prized possessions. They prefer to outlast trends. They believe in having a collection of pieces in their closet which improve with time! Quality of the what they wear matters the most to them. They have a soft corner for all shades of browns matching it with some immortal colours.

3. Gemini Rising love outfits that are funky and in trend, in their closets you will find outfits for every occasion keeping up to date with the latest styles. They are experimental in their dressing style. They dress to communicate before they actually speak. They often adapt themselves to every event, they may prefer wearing their favourite denims & tank top everyday & next time you see them wearing a wine gown or black tie tuxedo!

4. Vintage is the word that perfect describes the style of Cancer Rising. A native under this sign loves to be dressed up all the time regardless of occasion or time. They enjoy fashion and they will put elegance over anything everytime! They like pretty & soft shades like white with the timeless pastels. They would pick up something that compliments their appearance rather than ones that overshadow them.

5. Leo Rising is a proud sign & commands attention. The lion will wear the clothing that makes heads turns & have all eyes on them. They love luxury and you can expect them to wear high end designer clothing telling you how successful they are. You will see a lot of animal prints, sequinned pieces and lot of glitter to add drama to their looks. They are fond of anything that has to do with gold or red.

6. Virgo Rising prefers a clean, neat look with handsome amount of detailing. They want to look as natural as you could avoiding all the hassle. Even though they put a lot of thought behind every outfit but they want comfort before trends & that is their style. Their approach is analytical, organised & growth oriented & they always a look that is polished even when it’s casual.

7. Libra Rising is a fashion conscious sign & care about what others think. Slipping on season’s essentials with all time classics is what they take pride in. Their choices are trendy yet refined. They love clothes & experiments separates with one another making a perfect ensemble!

8. If sexy has a synonym, It’s Ones who have Scorpio as their ascendant sign feel the need to be sexy from within! The sign relates to mystery, intensity, passion & dark. Black, Ox blood & Burgundy are their colours. Leather, lace, sexy high heels, silks & satins draw their attention. They like to keep a little mystery in their dressing & want world to do rest of the imagination. Subtle yet dramatic is what they aim for.

9. Sagittarius Rising likes to keep their clothing as fun, flirty, casual & easygoing. The sign loves freedom & look for something sporty. Being the optimist they are, They absolutely love wearing bright shades to simply lighten up the environment. Don’t be surprised if they have outfits for various sports or travel boots or variety of sporty footwear, natives under the sign love adventure!

10 Capricorn Rising go for tailored clothing and are often picky of what they choose. They go for branded labels & quality buys. They want luxury with comfort & they choose to stay with rustic hues which aren’t flashy to be noticed yet trendy. Browns, Tans, Greys, Khakis are their typical colours & they don’t mind sticking to them for their lifetime!

11. Aquarius Rising are probably the ones who set the trends for the masses to follow! They can make even a boring outfit totally fun & chic. They hardly ever care about what others think of their appearance, they are on their own & enjoy being in their own skin. They love to be experimental & love those influencers who are more daring than them.

12. Pisces Rising is the dreamy sign & considers Fashion a form of Art. Their styling has depth & meaning involved. Pisces is a romantic & an idealist sign which explains their love for flairs, florals, chiffons, shimmering something & just about everything that makes them live in their fantasy world. You will see a lot of turquoise, sea greens or sea blue hues in their wardrobe.

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Your Rising Sign Affects Your Style Statement

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