Fab Things To Pick From Forever 21 For A Total Of Rs 1,000!

Don’t we girls get gaga when we get to know about Sale in any nearby store. At Forever 21, however, it seems like there is always something available which is affordable and yet so chic! Honestly, let me disclose a secret for the people who have never been to this store:- This is a must-visit store. It never disheartens you! Here is a list of things that you can get under Rs.1000 that will make your heart smile and you will also say, “Haye, Sastee Khushiyan!”

1. Pair Of Earrings

There’s always room for one more pair! Am I right girls? The best thing about its earrings is that they go with any outfit and enhances your personality. Get a few studs, some danglers and some statement earrings and the bill still won’t be eyebrow curling! This is the time to splurge and start collecting! These earrings add so much oomph and dramatic effect to the otherwise plain outfit!


Source: wallpaperscraft.com


2. Crop Tops

Crop Tops are totally in vogue these days and we advice you stock up your cupboard with a few of these. Getting two tops under 1K seems like a great idea when you are a little too obsessed with this trend. Get your hands on a floral top or any interesting black one! There are literally so many colours to choose from!

crop top


3. Rings

If you’re a bold person, get ready to make us your BFF. From Mid rings to cocktail rings – you name it! (anything at all) Forever 21 has one of the best variety of rings and we definitely had a hard time putting it in a precise list. So here are a few options and there are so many more that you can choose from under 1000 bucks only. Pamper yourself with these adorably beautiful pieces.



4. Lingerie

Oooh so sexy! You’re no less than a princess. So, treat yourself like a Victoria Secret’s Model. Who wouldn’t mind spending some extra bucks on these sexy lingeries! The new variety of underwear at Forever 21 is so pretty and frilly, you wish you could wear it as outerwear – if you know what we mean! They are pretty much comfy yet stylish, and SO reasonable that you can easily grab a couple of them!



5. Maxi Dress

Never mind those extra bucks when you are getting this gorgeous maxi dress! It’s also available in pastel hues. Choose the one you like more and accessorise it or go plain. It’s a showstopper in itself! This and so many more short dresses for less than 1000 bucks are available!
So what are you waiting for, girls? Hurry up and rush to the nearby store. Grab these amazing deals ASAP!


Source: Pinterest.com

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Fab Things To Pick From Forever 21 For A Total Of Rs 1,000!

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