Must have Cuisines For Your Wedding

Apart from the decoration of the location and the peppy dance numbers which dj will be playing, Indian wedding is incomplete without the ravishing and mouth watering feast. Usually the Indian Shaadi’s menu is never ending. If you want to make your wedding worth remembering, a good food arrangement is a must. People usually forgets about the flowers used in the hall and even the attire of the bride and groom but one never forgets about the food they were served.

Below are some food items and cuisines which you must definitely put in your food menu to make your wedding word of mouth.

1. Street Food


If you want to add the zing of spice in your wedding food menu, street food will never let you down. Bhalla papdi and dhai batashe are loved by every individual and the best part is that it can be personalized according to your demands. The foods served are tasty and are well represented which multiplies the fun factor of the street food.

2. Live Food Junctions


In this stall, food is cooked and prepared according to your will and taste and the perk you receive is that it is all done in front of your eyes. Freshly presented food is bliss for everyone. Live food junctions are the main highlights of the food counters and are in huge demand these days.

3. Beverage Counter


Beverages are equally important as the food. Experiments with different drinks are loved in sangeet and even on the cocktail night. Different types of drinks are mixed and served according to demands of the person. People who don’t like alcohol ask for soft drinks. Other than mocktails and cocktails, beverage counter also serves traditional drinks and juices. Milk shakes are also presented in different unique ways which makes the guests delighted.

4. Health Counters


Health conscious guests are often spotted on the counters serving salads, organic herbs and even vegan starters. Fruit salads and cream macaroni are loved by every age group and are now very common at weddings.

5. Midnight Snacks


Since Indian weddings take the whole night to accomplish so the midnight snacks like popcorns and coffee proves to be paradise for the relatives and guests. After the heavy dinner, no one likes to hog over heavy grub so you go for light refreshments.

6. International Cuisines

thai food wedding indian

Along with the traditional daal makhni and shahi paneer, international cuisines like Mexican and Thai are in huge demand now a days. Few people also put Japanese sushi and Italian feasts in their wedding menu.

7. Deserts


Scrumptious rasgullas and chena pies are fading away since the emergence of western delicacies like pastries and bread pudding. One can easily spot colorful sweets which are attractive as well as delicious. Fusions of indo western sweets are also in massive demands like apple cinnamon jalebi and strawberry flavored gulab jamuns.

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Must have Cuisines For Your Wedding

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