Perks Of Dating A Delhi Guy

1. They love socializing


If your guy is from Delhi, get ready for some of the most talked about parties of the town with loud bass music and old school hootch. Whether it is a pool party or an evening dance party, your guy will make sure you are on guest list of every hard sell celebration. Apart from parties, they are also interested in food festivals and sufi nights, which means a nice romantic evening every weekend is promised.

2. They love food


Whether it is murthal’s parathe, south ex’s momos or dinner at some expensive restaurant, you’ll get to eat mouth watering delicacies and you’ll get to eat a lot of them. Trying different cuisines and grits are goals which can be achieved only if you have a partner who worships good food. It’s hard to find a vegetarian guy here. So be prepared for lots of grub like chicken korma and butter chicken with extra butter.

3. They will definitely have a gym membership


With great love for food, comes great responsibility. Working out and being in shape is as important to them as any other daily work routine. Going to a luxury gym in Delhi is a status symbol. So get up, buck-up your running shoes and get ready for a gym membership. With lots of chinning and crunches, they acquire a die for physique.

4. They are exceptionally good looking


Well maintained beard peek or a chocolate boy image, here men know how to hoist each look with grace and style. With the amazing dressing sense Delhi boys are admirable and charming. They are not a great shopping companion but they definitely suggest you whenever you are shopping.

5. Their accent and language are adorable


From chaiwala to the best buddy, everyone here is reffered as “bhai”. They make acquaintance in just a blink on an eye which is enchanting in its own way. An excited uproar and pat on the back is quite common among the “bros” here.

6. They have wanderlust


From David Guetta to some old hindi song they have a huge playlist for every occasion which makes the road trip with them memorable and thrilling. Since they like to travel and explore new place they prove to be a great travelling partner. Almost every holiday destination is close to Delhi, you will always have a reason to travel and explore with him.

Mostly it is said that Delhi boys are loud and immoderate, but they also carry a persona which is hard to resist because they have the right attitude which makes them perfect for dating.

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Perks Of Dating A Delhi Guy

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