Signs That You Two Are “Relationship Goals” Couple?

Is your Instagram also flooded with so-called purffecttt pictures of couples with a #Relationship Goals? 

What really makes you a ‘relationship goals couple’? Fellas, it’s much more than the flawless photographs with adorable captions! Scroll down to get to know more…

1. Code Names

You guys have code names which ofcourse, you don’t call each other by in public! It’s usually a secret between you two as you do not want to let other people know. Sounds cute, no?

2. Loving Through the Hard times

Whatever crisis it may be, you face it together. Whether, it’s some financial problem or depression, you both are able to withstand anything & everything together! Because, my dear; “Love isn’t always beautiful but it’s worth the pain.”


3. You are a TEAM!

You don’t need anybody else when you are together. You help in building the best possible version of each other. None of you treats the other as an ATM, there’s equality in everything!


Source: Pinterest

4. Communication & Compromise.

Both of them go hand in hand. You guys share your feelings, talk about everything you did the whole day and talk endlessly about everything. At the same time compromise on certain things which both of you know that you don’t agree upon.


Source: Pinterest

5. Taking interest in each other’s hobbies

It’s absolutely adorable when you watch his favourite show ‘NARCOS’ and he goes on shopping with you. The mere advantage is that you both get to spend some quality time together!


Source: Pinterest

6. Is everyone waiting for you both to get married?

Wedding Shenanigans? You guys are made for each other, and your friends can no longer wait to watch you marry! *Touchwood*


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Signs That You Two Are “Relationship Goals” Couple?

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