8 Hair-dos for The Lazy Girl In You

Save your time with these hair tricks

1.  A Quick Affair – Split, Knot, Twist, Pin
Time Required 15-25 Seconds

Source: lovethispic.com

2.  Quick Curls For Your Next Date Night


Source: floridiansocial

3.  The Perfect Messy Bun Takes Less Than 15 Seconds and works Best on Dirty Hair


Source: makeup

4.  Make Your Ponytail Look Heavier with a Hidden Clip


Source: artzycreations


5.  Easy Twisty Bun That Takes Less Than a Minute


Source: alittlesliceof


6.  Use a Hair Dryer and Style with both your Hands


Source: Hammacher.com

7.  The Half-Done Braid works best with unwashed hair


Source: veckorevyn.com

8.  The sleek do takes 2 minutes and looks professional at work


Source: http://candace-moore.squarespace.com

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8 Hair-dos for The Lazy Girl In You

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