College Life in Delhi

College life is the time for three things Enjoyment, Exploring, Career Planning. Now what helps you to score high on all three is the atmosphere and place where you’re staying, the food and your social life. So, here are some reasons why studying in Delhi is better than any other place in the country.

1. Delhi is Food Hub of the Country

Delhi offers the most mouthwatering food at very affordable prices. You can relish paranthe, shawarma, rolls, chicken, fish, kebabs, pakode, pasta, lasagne, biryani, Amritsari kulcha and a lot more in Delhi. If you like paan after a day’s meal, there are many famous paan wala’s in Delhi. Apart from these, if you want to try dishes from different states of India, head to Dilli Haat. If you’re a hard core fan of Chole Bhature with Lassi, you’ll get the best of them in Delhi.


2. Renowned Colleges

Delhi has the most prestigious colleges which make you shine apart from the crowd. DU’s SRCC, St. Stephens, Hindu, Hansraj, Miranda, Venky, LSR, JMC have a swag of their own. Engineering colleges like Delhi College of Engineering (now DTU), NSIT and IIT Delhi stand among the best colleges of the country. And if its about fashion, Delhi has the best NIFT.


3. Stunning fest

IIT Delhi and Delhi University colleges hold the best college fests of the country. SRCC and St. Stephens are well known for their Sufi Nights and Rock Shows. Amity’s youth fest and Inbush are usually the talk of the town each year. Miranda House’s Tempest and music fests are other first-rated experiences.



4. Campus and Infrastructure

Colleges in Delhi offer premium education, placements, workshops and exposure. World class infrastructure and faculty provides the students with a quality teaching and a bright future. Tie-ups with foreign universities and guest lectures from international professors give those brownie points.


5. Convenient Commutes 

Delhi Metro, Auto-rikshaws, OLA/UBER are the life line of Delhi. They are reasonably priced and are found in every part of the city. So going around the city is not a hassle at all.



6. Reasonable Accommodation and Places for Leisure


Usually students coming from other parts of the country have a problem of accommodation. Many colleges provide hostels which are inside the college campus. For others there are PG’s and various Co-living platforms to rent a flat on sharing basis.
After a hectic week of attending classes, tests and assignments, you need to chill and party and Delhi scores on top in this list as well. With outstanding malls to dandy street shops girls have lots to shop from. Hauz-Khaz Village, CP, Khan Market have got cafes and bars to grab a drink and enjoy the weekends with friends.


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College Life in Delhi

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