5 Things about Nursing Careers You Should Know


You’ve probably seen nurses on big screens and watched them in action, or you might be lucky enough to have seen them work in real life. It’s easy to assume that you know a lot about the nursing profession. With nurses being ranked as the number one most trusted profession for fifteen years by the annual Gallup poll, it’s obvious to assume you know a lot about the career.

But do you have an idea of who nurses are and what they are proficient in? Do you have details of this profession or those who hold the title, not to mention the many roles they carry out? The nursing career involves much more than we speculate.

Nursing duties depend on one’s specialty. Nurses operate in almost every area to provide healthcare services. They also monitor the patient’s improvement and educate them and their relatives about their health situation. Nurses provide partial treatments and administer medications to patients under the supervision of a doctor. They also advise patients on health-related matters health and give much needed emotional support.

Nurses have a task in promoting a healthy lifestyle and advising people on how to live a longer and healthier life. Nurses mostly work in hospitals, but some work in prisons, military bases, and nursing care facilities. Experienced nurses are tasked with other duties such as supervising beginner nurses, taking care of administrative responsibilities, conducting research, and teaching students nursing skills.

Read on to understand the most important things you need to know about nursing careers.

You must have an outstanding memory and expect mistakes

When you are in the nursing career, your memory game must be great, if not, you have to come up with a system to keep things better and clear in your head. You need to be very careful and organized and make sure you do not forget any detail you’ve recorded. You will always be expected to have details of your patient, reports, the technology you need, and medication relations.

When in this field, it would be naïve to think that you won’t make mistakes. No one is perfect, so expect you will make mistakes too. Always learn early and rectify your errors. You should always take care of medications; they’re the simplest things to mess up!

Expected to stay healthy and invest in comfortable clothing

Being a nurse exposes you to various risks, it involves taking care of patients daily, exposing you to different medical conditions. These tasks may be tedious and may include plenty of running and heavy lifting. Always practice healthy habits such as regular exercise, meditation, aerobics, jogging, and taking vitamins. Always take preventive measures to get rid of germs and viruses in your place of work.

With the nursing career, you have to kiss your designer shoe goodbye as well as skinny jeans and snow-stopping top. Your daily work wear is limited to scrubs and comfortable nursing shoes that enable you to move freely and quickly while handling various tasks. It is advisable to invest in good pairs of comfortable nursing shoes and scrubs to keep your body and feet protected while on duty.

Understand your role and be ready to embrace change

The nursing career requires you to let go of a few privileges that you’ve been enjoying in the past. This includes changing your wardrobe and taking a rest any time you feel like. Nursing involves more than what was in the nursing syllabus in school. You have no choice but to adjust as soon as you take an oath.

More changes come along as you get exposed to more situations in your career as a nurse. This is also a profession that has constant changes as newer knowledge is learned, better systems being implemented, and advancement in technology being introduced. Nurses have a wide range of learning opportunities, whether by attending conferences or staying up to date with new medical software.

To perform your job with ease and confidence, you must have a desire to learn the different patient care systems set in various workplaces.

Enjoy your work environment and learn to multi-task

There are only 24 hours in a day; as a nurse, you must be prepared to spend more than 12 hours daily at work at least four days a week. You have to love and familiarize yourself with the work environment, including your workmates. Treat them as your second family and be a team player. 

You should get used to the fact that nursing is not just a routine. You should not come to work and expect to do the same tasks from A-Z. Expect that you will handle more tasks every time you clock in. Be ready to multi-task!

Stay up to date

Nursing career is subject to technological advancement, as a nurse, you must be ready to evolve with time. The medical field experiences rapid evolution, so having constant changes is inevitable. Always stay up to date in your area of specialty. It will make your work easier.

Being successful in nursing calls for commitment and loving what you do. You should be able to handle all medical instruments in the world of medicine. As a nurse, you should have all the necessary tools near you.  A stethoscope is one of the essential items that should not miss in the nurses’ arsenal.

Nurses should be organized, patient, and compassionate. They should pay attention to detail, tackle stressful situations effectively, and have room for growth and improvement. After years of burning midnight oil in your nursing school and having passed your board exam, what’s next? You must be prepared to be a member of this noble and prestigious nursing profession.

In the nursing career, you will encounter annoying and unsupportive people, so always take a moment to compose yourself. When starting your shift, always take a deep breath and remind yourself that the shift will end, and hope for a better day. Always aim to make each day better than the previous one.

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