5000 Cloud Employees were trained by Google in Ethical AI


No system powered by man or AI will ever be perfect. That is why the growth of the system goes on. Google believes that no system can ever be perfect, and there is always scope for improvement. However, Google recently trained 5000 cloud employees in Ethical AI. This course focused on issues of whether an AI could ever cause any physical, social, or environmental harm, and what are the possible solutions in such a situation.

Google has been known to launch such courses for its employees, so they work responsibly. The Tech Ethics is a course that was launched last year, and 800 employees were a part of it. It also newly launched AI Principal Issues, which was piloted by 2000 Googlers. But the course is now available online, and anyone can take it if they want.

The company said that it wants to help people who are building technically. Not just developers and Googlers, but Google wants to help people who use AI on a day to day basis. These courses are a way to enlighten them about the Tech Ethics, what should and shouldn’t be done.

Google is also launching 14 different tools for people with non-AI knowledge to learn about AI. It will be helpful for non-technical people to learn about how an AI works and what are the principles behind it.

The company wants to help develops who create the AI as well as people who use it to understand the workings of AI. These courses have been launched globally and will be available to anyone who wished to learn about AI.

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