A Q&A Round with the Singer and Songwriter, Jamell NYT


Jamell NYT is a budding musical artist, who is a singer, songwriter, as well as an Entrepreneur. He recently answered some questions about his life, which his fans would surely love to read about. Here is some more insight into the life and upbringing of Jamell NYT.

1. What is your biggest achievement?
Performing live on fox tv on the Steve Harvey show for the 2019 ball drop with Ken jeong and Nicole Scherzinger

2. Who is your biggest inspiration ?
Michael Jackson

3. Where do you see yourself in 1 year ?
I see myself running a very successful production, and marketing company helping artists gain exposure and thrive independently.

4. Where are you from?
I was raised in Burlington VT but I’m from Brooklyn New York City

5. How old are you?
Old enough to know better and young enough to ngaf

6. Are you currently employed ? Are you working on any projects ?
One thing about me is I’m always working lol I’m never not working

7. Who’s your top 3 greatest rappers of all time / dead or alive?
Michael Jackson
Stevie ray vaughn

8. Why are you in this industry ?
Because I love music it’s the universal language, the one thing that connects all cultures, races, and religions alike

9. How long have you been making music ?
I’ve been playing guitar since I was in high school but I’ve been making music seriously since 2017 when I decided to move to NYC and play the subway

10. What’s your next move ?
My next move is my best move 🤫

11. Are you working with any artists in your local scene ?
Absolutely I’m currently producing, and writing for 12 independent Artists, on top of the tens of other artists I’m helping reach more more exposure for their music on platforms like Spotify and instagram.

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