Almost 1 million over-50s working nights in UK, study says

Almost 1 million over-50s working nights in UK, study says


The no. of UK overnight workers over 50 years of age has risen in the country to nearly 1mn, suggests a new study. Over-50 workers account for around 924,000 of one record 3.2mn people who work regularly throughout the night.

The no. has risen by nearly 173,000 in the last five years as older individuals stay at work longer as well as with more of such jobs getting created, as per the study conducted by TUC (Trade Union Congress).

The study indicated that around 222,000 people above 60 years were working through night, which includes 69,000 people over 65.

As per the TUC, the no. of people working at night shifts regularly is not higher than the official records of 2005. In fact, the figure now is nearly 100,000 higher in contrast to what it was 5 years ago. Over-50 workers account for the entire increase in night shift work since the year 2014, whereas less of younger adults opt for late-night shifts, said the union.

According to Frances O’Grady, the general secretary of TUC, working at unsociable hours could affect the family life of a person as well as his/her health. As such, we all owe the Britain’s night workers army for keeping our nation ticking over at the time when others are asleep, she added.

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