Artificial Intelligence Gives More Accurate Results in Skin Cancer Diagnosis, a Study Finds


A global study carried out by researchers from the University of Queensland has observed positive results on the subject of skin cancer diagnosis. They have found that artificial intelligence (AI) gives more accurate results in skin cancer diagnosis when it is combined with human clinical checks. 

According to the professor, Monika Janda from the University of Queensland, the combination of crowd wisdom and AI predictions has produced the highest diagnostic accuracy than individual experts or AI alone. The professor said that it is really a positive finding in the healthcare world and it is likely to increase the value of AI decision support in coming times. 

In the study, it is found that the AI decision support offered a lot of benefits in skin cancer diagnosis whereas expert researchers fail to achieve any benefit while working on it on their own. This finding has simply indicated that the combined use of AI and human for skin cancer diagnosis can be chosen as the suitable option for clinicians in the future. 

AI-based screening and diagnosis might become a common thing in the future and it is likely to offer a lot of support to clinicians. There is still a doubt in the minds of researchers regarding the contribution of AI diagnostic software in improving clinical practice. 

Hence, there is a need to carry out extensive testing in order to ascertain its impact on clinical decision making in the skin diagnosis process. In the study, researchers carried out a testing on an artificial convolutional neural network in order to analyse pigmented skin lesions. And later, they compare the results with human evaluations found on AI-based decision support. 

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