Asda to trial refillable packaging in bid to ditch plastic

Asda to trial refillable packaging in bid to ditch plastic


The customers of Asda will probably have to carry refillable containers of their own starting 2020 in an attempt to reduce plastic waste.

Asda confirmed that it will be hosting a trial of refillable and reusable packaging for a period of three months the following year.

The scheme can include shoppers bringing containers which they can fill up from the store’s dispensers.

The supermarket colossal said that nearly one third of its own plastic packaging would be made using recycled materials by next year end.

Its hoped that this move may help prevent nearly 19,500 tons of non-recyclable plastic from piling up at landfills.

As per Roger Burnley, Chief Executive of Asda, elimination of any avoidable plastic is the topmost concern of the company, as well as its customers, right now.

The main aim of the company is to get rid of any unnecessary plastic and coming up with new packaging solutions for products which really require packaging, Burnley added.

The company is aiming to lower the overall plastic amount that it uses in its brand packaging for products by 15 percent by the year 2021. The main goal is to switch to recyclable brand packaging completely by the year 2025, said a spokesperson for Asda.

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