Boost Balm, the Latest Trending Cosmetic Brand, has Used Innovation in Producing Natural Skin Care Treatment Products


Boost Balm, a trending cosmetic brand is making news for using innovation in the production of natural skin care treatment products. Pegasus Blood Edition skin barrier cream is the popular product that the cosmetic brand has introduced to offer 3-in-1 skin care treatment for oily, dry, and all other skin types. 

With the help of innovation, Boost Balm Cosmetics has made available Pegasus Blood Edition skin barrier cream. And it is available in the UK and US online at affordable prices with free delivery. Shareezma, a young mother of two children, produced this idea in her mind when she was 23. In the year 2015, she got a grant at Halal Hi-Tech Challenge, that she used in working to found the cosmetic brand, Boost Balm. 

Boost Balm’s Pegasus Blood Edition Skin Barrier Cream is made of plant-based and natural ingredients to offer natural acne treatment for different types of skin. The natural plant-based cream is sulphate free, silicone free and it acts as skin healer, skin barrier, and skin primer. 

The Halal Certified skin barrier cream helps to brighten skin, lighten pigmentation, shrink pores, and it acts as a makeup primer. Boost Balm also provides a face mask/cleanser that is based on Rhassoul ingredients derived from the mountains of Morocco. Rhassoul 600 face mask/cleanser is also getting popular among people in the US and the UK markets. 

The use of skin barrier technology and stem cell technology is made by Boost Balm in Pegasus Blood Edition skin barrier cream. The cosmetic brand, Boost Balm has produced this product after a long research and trail. And it contains important natural ingredients such as Willow bark extract, Bearberry extract, Natural soy stem cell, and Hibiscus extract, to name a few. 

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