Brands Need to be Aware of Themselves Before Partnering with Content Sites


For the brands to work with content sites, they need to understand their own brand well and be aware of its size as content sites work with those brands who have established marketing touch-points. If a brand has good marketing touch-points, it goes on to show that they have built a recognizable brand through the use of touch-points.

Content sites consider the touch points as the king. A brand that already has a good list of buyers will definitely get the sites to partner with them as there are higher chances of consumer reading the content partner’s work. Marketers can promote the content maker by placing promotions within the article to make sure the consumer is inclined towards purchase.

Brands need to provide promotions to the content sites as these promotions will get more traffic for the content partner, attract more customers and help drive higher ROI for the marketer. New marketers can find it a little difficult to find content sites who want to write about the brand as they won’t be offering good promotions to the partners. Content sites work better if they have promotions or discount coming in from the brand. In such cases, megpixel adspy coupon can also come handy where you can figure out how your competitors are doing and then replicate their strategies.

The commission rates, when flexible, bring in content partners to the table. Marketers should have flexibility with their commission rates, both on a Cost per Action (CPA) and rev-share model, to attract the content partner. A flexible approach works well for both the brand and the content creator.

A brand’s online presence and consumer reviews are considered before a partnership by the content sites. Positive reviews of a brand will attract partnerships. If the brand is new then they can partner with review sites like Trustpilot and others to strategies and increase the ratings of the brand. They can reach out to the customer to give reviews and in case of poor user experience they can look to rectify the problem so that it does not become a negative review in the future.

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