Chile protests: President sacks whole cabinet after protests

Chile protests: President sacks whole cabinet after protests


Sebastian Pinera, President of Chile has removed his entire cabinet. As per report, Mr Pinera wants to come up with a new government and also wants to employ some new social reforms which were demanded by the protesters. This the reason why he decided to take such a step.

Mr Pinera informed that he has put all the ministers on notice period to reform new cabinet in order to introduce the new demands. However, he has not revealed anything about the changes that will take place in the coming days.

On Friday, in Santiago, capital of Chile, around one million people held a peaceful rally urging for social justice. Mr Pinera heard the demands of people and said that the condition has changed in Chile. Seven days ago, Mr Pinera had lifted the curfew imposed in Chile.

It may be noted that a week ago, the anti-inequality protests erupted in Chile. Protesters walked around the city, waving flags and demanding justice and an ethical government. The protest created violent clashes which took 17 lives and left hundreds of people injured. The protest came to an end on Friday.Mr Pinera announced a package to end the protest and increased the minimum wage and basic pension.

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