Citizens with 3D printers are helping in expanding the range of Ventilators


With the COVID19 outbreak there has been a dire need of expanding medical infrastructure. One of the key machines at work are the ventilators. Across the globe, there has been a shortage of ventilators and governments are doing their best to get as many as possible. People are coming up with ways to contribute. Some are contributing cash while others are helping with PPE and other things required. Suddenly, people in US have put their 3D printers to good use. They are using these printers to print ventilator splitters that can be used in hospitals.

Helen Xun from Johns Hopkins University has suggested this novel idea. People with 3D printers can contribute to the cause and do their bit. Ventilator splitter are easy to print and a single splitter can be printed in less than two hours.

This splitter is a plastic pipe that can increase the capacity of the ventilator to give Oxygen to more patients. It allows sharing of one ventilator by more than one patient. A ventilator splitter looks like a basic PVC pipe Y that is used in plumbing.

However, the current splitters aren’t smart enough to give a variable amount of air on each side. Research is being done on that front. But having said that, the current splitters are very helpful in these times of crisis.

The good news is that people are willing to help. There are online groups of people with 3D printers in US. These groups are sharing designs about the Ventilator splitters and are providing easy tutorials about printing them.

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