'Cosmic Yeti' from the dawn of the universe is discovered

‘Cosmic Yeti’ from the dawn of the universe is discovered


Astronomers in Australia and the United States have recently spotted a ginormous galaxy that could be straight from the dawn of our universe. The astronomers have named this galaxy as the “Cosmic Yeti”.  This galaxy was accidentally spotted by the experts when they noticed its footprints.

Just like Yeti, these galaxies were generally regarded by the scientific community as folklore due to the absence of proper evidence that could confirm its existence, explained the researchers. This particular signal coming from this galaxy took around 12.5 Billion Years in order to reach our Earth, as confirmed by the research.

The results of this finding were published over the popular journal named The Astrophysical Journal. Christina Williams, the lead author of this study and an astronomer working at the Arizona University, happened to notice this faint blob of light. These observations were made in Chile by the use of the ALMA telescopes.

In her statement, Williams mentioned that this light was particularly mysterious as it wasn’t linked to the galaxies known by the scientists. She also mentioned that when she tried to observe the galaxy, it was very far away as well as hidden by the dust clouds.

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