Councils in England have been given the Power to Announce Local Shutdowns


Most of the countries are still suffering from the onslaught of coronavirus. While some countries have successfully battled the virus and are in the unlock phase, some are still trying to contain it. The UK. Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced that the Councils is permitted to announce local lockdown to counter the spread of the virus.

The Prime Minister declared in the Friday’s Downing Street press briefing that “It has to be right that we take local action in response to local outbreaks.” He expressed that there is no need to close another city off, or the whole country when the virus is playing havoc in another part of the country. It seems like a sensible decision.

Authority given to local councils will be handy because it will lead to proactive action towards the pandemic. The additional powers will permit councils to respond quickly when required. Ministers will be guided on what premises or sectors to keep closed during the lockdown.

James Jamieson, chairman of the LGA, which represents council leaders in England, welcomed the decision. He thinks it is for the best that actions exist taken locally. Jamieson believes that the local authorizes have a better idea on how to locally curb the disease, and handle the situation from the ground.

The prime minister hopes that the condition will be better in November when the situation will be reviewed again. It seems like, if everything goes well, the Government may lift the restrictions till Christmas.

The PM said that it might take a long time to reach normality, as we can’t act normally until we are immune to the virus. However, the government will allow the return to stadiums, while conferences and other business events can recommence, subject to the outcome of pilots.

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