Delta Airlines Releases Information on Pay Cuts


Airlines across the world are struggling because of the pandemic. One of the most severely hit sectors is that of aviation. Companies are taking measures to cover their losses and jump back to normalcy. Delta Airlines, headquartered in Atlanta Georgia, has come up with a statement for its pilots.

In a statement released to Reuters, it said that if the pilots agreed to reduced minimum guaranteed pay, it would try avoiding furloughs. The travel has reduced manyfold. People aren’t willing to travel as freely as they were at the start of the pandemic or before that. All airlines across the world have seen a steep decline in their traffic. Tourists too are postponing their travels.

In the current week, Delta Airlines reported its losses. It is a massive loss of 91 percent. This 91 percent is the fall in revenue that it has noticed. It adjusted $3.9 billion as pre-tax losses. This has brought the airlines to a cost cutting spree. More than 17000 employees of the company are taking voluntary packages of departure. This includes more than 1700 pilots out of its total of 7,900.

John Laughter, Senior vice president for Flight Operation, expressed that the company is committed in preventing involuntary furloughs for as many employees of Delta family as possible. He said that the company has gone to propose a reduction of minimum pilot pay by 15 percent for a year. This was in an exchange of no furloughs guarantee for an year. He commented that the pilots of the company are being paid more than what their actual flying hours are.The actual flying hours in the pandemic are coming as around 10 actual hours for a month.

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