Diseases Show your Body is not Receiving Correct Nutrition


It is now known to everyone how nutrition and diseases are related. The doctors also have affirmed the same. Nutrition is what is the most important part of the lifestyle that needs to be taken care of and one needs to be aware of. Physical activity complimented with good nutrition intake leads to healthy body.

Nutrition and physical activity lead to a healthy weight and makes sure one does not get any chronic lifestyle diseases. Even if one has already got them with the right nutrition one can make sure that healthy body is maintained through out so that no negative repercussions happen. Good nutrition is needed to keep heart attacks and cancer at bay.

The world is already adulterated. Unhealthy habits just add to the already degrading body. Obesity has become an epidemic in the United States with 1/3rd of US adults (33.8%) being obese. A diet that does not have right nutrition is bound to put one in some major health risk. Health risks that lead to illness like heart diseases, hyper tension, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer and eventually painful death.

Good dietary habits and nutrition makes sure one manages various diseases, some of them being urological and renal diseases. These diseases cause urinary incontinence and affects over 33 million Americans. According to Dr. Shagun Sikka, the popular urologist in Jalandhar, there is a sudden involuntary contraction of the detritus muscle of the bladder causing urinary urgency, but right dietary steps can successfully clear the symptoms.

If the OAB patients do not take caffeine drinks like coffee, tea, energy drinks, acidic juices (orange or grapefruit juice which can alter the pH of urine) then they can see significant betterment in their health. Caffeine is an element that is a bladder irritant, increases urine output and contributes to urinary frequency.

When one becomes aware of how the food is affecting the body they can eliminate various symptoms and take old of their health. One needs to pay attention what one is putting inside their mouth and how it is affecting their body. Carbonated food, highly spicy food, artificial sweeteners, caffeine all add to the woes of the body.

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