Dydmos Needs No Breaks


Dydmos (Thomas Young) has no plan of stopping anytime soon. He will never quit his dream. He recently has quit his full time job of working overnight, to pursue his dreams of becoming a successful independent artist.

Born in 1998, he still has some of that real hip hop culture in him. He understands today’s music isn’t what it used to be but he fits right in with both scenes.

Come check out Dydmos with his team on July 3rd in downtown Calgary at a local pub called Vern’s.

He plans on playing some of his newest material, transitioning from a recording artist to a live performer.

You can also listen to his song “Illusions” to know the depth this artist holds through his music: https://open.spotify.com/track/6fPkwUEH7lO7jkH7sztWNH?si=uwrL2-92QoWbMq2lX1NIbw

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