European Space Agency seeks ideas to explore moon caves that could host humans

European Space Agency seeks ideas to explore moon caves that could host humans


Budding space specialists are being asked to help plan missions for exploring the moon caves which may someday sustain human life.

The ESA (European Space Agency) is eager to get those on board who believe they could come up with a system which is capable to support such kind of expedition. ESA hopes that the system could help identify the areas on moon’s surface which might eventually serve as operation bases for the astronauts.

The ESA has shared the concept art relating to what these hubs may look like, which as per the agency could let astronauts spend prolonged time on Earth’s natural satellite for advance study.

According to Loredana Bessone, who’s leading the search for ideas, the mission concepts might be built on an individual rover or a distributed satellite system, rover or robotic systems which operate together.

In any way, the researchers are searching for the systems which land on moon, identify as well as access a lunar cave and help in further scientific exploration.

The ideal spot for the lunar bases may be the previous lava tubes site, where molten rock used to flow under the moon surface. Exploring as well as mapping these tubes may not just offer new info related to moon’s geology but also provide shelter to the astronauts, said Francesco Sauro from the ESA.

Those who are interested have till September 26 to file their ideas.

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