Even Hot 107.9 wasn’t Hotter than Vigilante’s freestyle


After winning and crushing a freestyle on streetz 94.5 with Ferrari Simmons and Fly Guy DC Vigilante got right back to his next acting project. Preparing to film as the lead role of Michael in the Netflix film 21 Questions Vigilante caught wind that Radio God Stu of 107.9 was inviting people on his new platform Cyphers With Stu. In order to be selected to come freestyle live on the air you had to submit via email and wait on a response. Vigilante being the strategist that he is he decided to have all his fans tag Radio God Stu on his page. Once he caught wind of Vigilante’s fans storming his page he made it official and encouraged all fans of every artist to tag them under his post. After about a week of Vigilantes fans tagging Radio God Stu none stop he received a Instagram DM saying he won the contest.

Vigilantes 1st beat choice was Babysitter by Da Baby and Quavo but after writing 25% of the verse he noticed that his new flow patterns and rapping style was more fitting for the So Brooklyn beat by Casanova and Fab. Vigilantes camp worried a little that he would not be able to remember the script for his upcoming movie and brand new freestyle being filming for the production was just one day after the freestyle was to be showcased. Vigilante was up to the challenge and worked none stop to ensure a flawless performance. He often woke up In the middle of the night and walked his full subdivision over 50 times coming up with and perfecting his lyrics and flow patterns. Days before it was time for the freestyle Vigilante knew he had his verse 90% memorized and was confident that the reactions in the room of his new verse would fuel him to memorize the rest.

The day of the freestyle Vigilante partnered with Be You Empire for his Appearal. Radio God Stu turned the beat on and the rest was history. Bar after Bar Vigilante sent chills through the room while using props such as his acting resume, headshot, playing cards from his endorsement and more. It was apparent early that he came purposely over prepared and ready to make history and that he did.

This freestyle can be found on Vigilantes YouTube channel “Vigilante Visuals” under the title “Vigilante (So Brooklyn freestyle) on Radio God Stu HOT 107.9 [Cyphers with Stu]” . Vigilante decided to drop this freestyle on his birthday (December 9th) while driving to Tennessee to film with the tv shows For My Man, In Pursuit with John Walsh and do his first commercial with Zaxbys for the social media content. This freestyle was proclaimed freestyle of the year on this platform and Vigilante intends to repeat that same cycle every year.

Tune into Vigilante’s Instagram account @Vigilantelom for inspiration and to keep up with everything in his career. Also follow him on Snapchat and Twitter @VigilanteLom to keep up with how you can contribute in his community acts. In you want to catch up on all of Vigilante’s music, interviews, promotional visuals for his upcoming movies and advice on how to make it in the industy on his YouTube at Youtube.com/VigilanteVisuals.

Instagram/Twitter/Snapchat: @VigilanteLOM

YouTube: Vigilante Visuals

Freestyle >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lP4mN0nZVLw

VEVO: VigilanteVEVO

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