Google says it’s making Chrome more private, but advertisers will still track you

Google says it’s making Chrome more private, but advertisers will still track you


Under immense pressure from their users, in a move similar to Facebook, Google recently mentioned that it will now cater more control to the users over the data shared by it with advertisers. However, this might not be enough.

On Thursday, Google mentioned that it shall create a customized “Privacy Sandbox” which is a fresh standards set for the web browser, Google Chrome. As per Google, this will construct a private web for the users. These proposed standards shall make it a bit harder for the advertisers to track your overall search history. This would also give you additional discretion with regards to the data type distributed to the marketers. Plus, it would allow the users several opportunities to opt out.

In simple terms, you can observe the data which has been provided to the businesses which show you their ads. Similar to the way Facebook has been struggling to assure the users that they care about privacy, Google has just stepped into the same lake of distrust by the users. Given the fact that the Google plan standards are actually vague at the given point, it is possible that any average user might not experience much change.

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