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Choosing whether to carry on in higher education is a tricky undertaking. Even though many enter careers they like, but don’t love right after finishing their undergraduate qualifications, it isn’t automatically the most appropriate decision for everybody. A certification that is very well thought of and offers real vocational training is an MBA. The Business degree is a graduate student course that many people pursue after working for several years and realizing that they need or even just wish to have more training and support. There are countless respected business schools all over the world that offer it and their alumni are often asked to comment on their experiences. That could possibly help you settle on what you should do next, so we’ve assembled a couple of good examples of how an MBA can help.

An individual who is very successful, and has acquired an MBA is David Fischel. As the head of a well respected investment advisor in Los Angeles, he has had an extraordinary career that really should attribute towards his training. He has more than 10 years’ experience as a financial analyst of public and private companies, in addition to which, he has studied across the world, and his MBA was gained interestingly when he was in the Middle East. He’s a certified accountant as well, thus completing an extraordinary resume.

There are certainly direct connections between getting recruited and getting an MBA. Emily Brydon, who now works at one of the largest energy and oil firms across the globe attributes her accomplishments to her education. She states that the skills she learnt while researching are used on a regular basis, from the more concrete knowledge that she gained to the ‘soft’ skills like problem solving and time management. She picked a course that permitted her to study outside her course, and even take part in journeys abroad. She also notes that if you’re seeking to make a profession change then an MBA is an excellent move in the right direction, especially if looking to work in another country, as it provides another element of experience that is important in contemporary businesses.

Someone who really valued the understanding their MBA afforded them was Michael Berner-Eyde. He decided to study it because he wanted a career change and lacked the critical skills that would make him stand out in the finance world. The university that he attended to achieve this credential also had one distinctive feature; its international campuses. Based in the Middle East, Europe and in the far east of Asia, you can gain an internationally recognised degree in the region of the planet that you might be curious about living and working in. Indeed it’s a good chance to check out whether you’d enjoy it as a place during the year studying there.


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