Hong Kong protests- Police use water cannon for first time against demonstrators

Hong Kong protests: Police use water cannon for first time against demonstrators


For the very first time, the Hong Kong Police used the water cannon technique against the anti-government mutineers during the 2nd successive demonstration day in a former colony under the British. Following the pro-democracy march organized at Kwai Fong’s new territories, there has been a consistent clash between the activists and officers, which often involved bricks being thrown by the former.

The activists opposing the government included 10,000+ people that took their voices to the Hong Kong streets. A massive crowd attended this rally in the park. However, another protestors group took charge of the main street close by and managed to put up barricades along with traffic cones and barriers.

The police officials tried the tear gas firing method to disperse the protestors. However, the protestors reacted to the same by throwing bricks & similar objects towards the officials near the Tsuen Wan locality of Hong Kong.

Not just that, the protestors also threw petrol bomb as an answer to the water cannons. However, some of the crowd later moved towards the narrow half of the street to avoid the target area of the cannon. Local police mentioned that such acts tend to neglect the common citizen’s safety while paralyzing the traffic flow.

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