Hubble Space Telescope captures ‘blobby jellyfish’ star in deep space

Hubble Space Telescope captures ‘blobby jellyfish’ star in deep space


NASA’s Hubble has yet again captured a stunning image of a mysterious ‘jellyfish’ like star deep out in the space.

The star, called NGC 2022, is present under the Orion constellation and has expanded and grown to a size even bigger than the size of the Sun. When you look at the image closer, you can see the star shining bright at the center while the gaseous bubble emanating from the star are captured in shades of purple and pink by the space telescope.

The round object surrounding it is no tiny jellyfish or algae, said the researchers via a post. Instead, it’s a huge gaseous blob casted off by the star.

When stars, similar to the Sun, begin to age, they start expanding and then glow red. These red giants later start shedding their outer mass in the space. These materials then start forming layers of gas which we can see in the pictures picked up by Hobble. On the other hand, the core of the star shrinks and gets hotter, radiating UV light which causes the gaseous blob around it to glow.

Notably, Hubble has continually been observing the stars in deep space since the year 1990 and would soon be replaced by the much stronger James Webb Space Telescope.

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