In a bizarre decision, Trump vows not to make Masks Mandatory


According to the WHO (World Health Organization), one of the most effective ways of slowing the coronavirus virus is to wear face masks. But it seems like the US President has something else in mind. He has made a bizarre decision not to make masks mandatory for the citizens.

Trump’s response came after the country’s top infectious disease expert, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s statement. Dr. Fauci urged the administrations to be forceful in the wearing of masks. It is necessary that everyone wears a mask if they want to stop the virus.

However, Trump, who himself had refused to wear a mask in public relented, and wore one on his latest gathering on Saturday. But in an interview with Fox news, he said that he would never make wearing masks mandatory because everyone must have a choice.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has requested everyone to follow the mandate and wear masks in public. Most of the governors of different states have made masks mandatory. The CDC Director, Dr. Robert R Redfield, said that covers are the most powerful protection against the virus and must be used.

Brian Kemp, the mayor of Georgia, has also requested the residents to wear masks. However, earlier, he had issued a complaint against the mayor of Atlanta, Miss Bottoms, who made masks mandatory. Ms. Bottoms has been tested positive and is under treatment and quarantined.

The issue of wearing a mask or not wearing it has become a political scandal. Most of the leaders across the country support the use of masks, while others believe it is a personal choice.

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