Iraq protests: Fresh clashes leave five people dead

Iraq protests: Fresh clashes leave five people dead


At least five protestors have died in recent clashes along with security officials, as countrywide anti-government oppositions entered into second day in Iraq.

Reportedly, out of the five dead, three were hit by the tear gas fired by the security officials in Baghdad.

At least 2 more people lost their live when the protestors tried storming the house of an official in Nasiriya city, say reports.

The turmoil comes after one day of massive protests which left several breathing their last on Friday.

The protestors are demanding improved public services, more jobs as well as halt of corruption.

Similar protests previous month were put down brutally by the security officials, leaving around 140 people dead.

As per a government report, authorities utilized massive amount of force in order to stop that unrest. However, violence flourished on Saturday again in spite of calls made from leaders of the protests to pause demonstrations and provide the government some time to act on their demands.

Hundreds of people took the Baghdad roads as well as southern provinces of Iraq, with protestors shouting out slogans in opposition of the Iraq government, asking for its resignation.

Adel Mahdi, the Prime Minister of Iraq, has made a promised certain reforms and cabinet reshuffle in order to address the demands of the protestors, but several remain unconvinced.

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