London City Older than What the Current Books Mention


436 fragments of early Neolithic pottery were discovered at a place called Shoreditch, near the northern border of London. New archaeological study now claims that London is 3 times more old as compared to a center for organised social and political activity, than stated earlier. The investigations took place just 15 meters outside the northern boundary of the city. The archaeologists have found evidence of a certain prehistoric ceremonial site. This new discovery will now push London stories to the 36th Century BC.

Till recently, London was considered to be formed at the same time as a roman town i.e. in the mid 1st century AD. The study states that London began as a ceremonial place of assembling where local people came together for social and religious ceremonies. They feasted together and followed the rituals together. Before becoming a village then a town to a city, London saw itself becoming a place where various kinds of ceremonies were held and huge gatherings happened.

The amount of evidence discovered is substantial to the new theory in terms of quantity. It is the first time something of this kind and volume has been found in central London. There are close to 35 huge cooking and other pots. The pots are primarily of two types that indicated that the scale of ceremonies taking place in the area. The scientific analysis was carried out by the University of Bristol. These pots serve as great evidence to prove the nature, time and scale of activities that took place in London.

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