Massive pumice 'raft' spotted in the Pacific could help replenish Great Barrier Reef

Massive pumice ‘raft’ spotted in the Pacific could help replenish Great Barrier Reef


A giant Pumice raft that was spotted at the Pacific is now expected to move towards Australia. This could actually help with the recovery for the deteriorating Great Barrier Reef due to the bleaching episodes.

This pumice raft shall restock millions of the tiny marine ecology which includes coral as well. The overall area of the raft is somewhere around It was produced due to the underwater volcano located near Tonga. This was initially reported by an Australia based couple named Larissa Brill and Michael Hoult. The couple was sailing on the catamaran to the Fiji dated 16th August.

In the Facebook post by the couple, it was mentioned that they entered a rubble slick rock which consisted entirely of the pumice stones varying from basketball size to marble size. The post further stated that the waves got knocked back to their calm variant with their boat slowed down to mere 1 knot. This rubble slick could be seen way far in the sea with no visible end for miles.

The steering of the yacht was jammed temporarily by rocks stuck amid the hull and rudders. However, the same was cleared in time and other vessels in the same route were informed of the impending issue.

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