Neva Failin’ Neva Fails Book on the way


During these wild times hearing positive news is something we all crave! Neva Failin has more things in store for his fans. Productivity is something Neva Failin’ aims to show his fans and the world that it’s needed to take your dreams to the next level.

If you don’t know already Neva Failin’ means failure is not an option and in turn is impossible. When something is impossible it means it’s no way of happening or taking place. When you have that mind set about whatever your doing to accomplish your goals, the only option you have is to win.

Neva Failin is a creative ground breaking artist who wants his fans to understand that being productive and positive is not far from normal. It’s take these positive characteristics to build momentum towards your goals. Talent his never everything, so of the more talented entrepreneurs, athletes and entertainer never were given a chance off attitude alone.

Neva Failin’ has some awesome things coming soon, starting with apparel and street gear, tiktok challenges, and a digital magazine/book tailored towards boosting your energy and character to inspire productivity. The book is what his fans have been waiting for! It’s something they can actually be apart of and share a valuable piece of their motivation with the world.

His book will help bridge hope and productivity for the upcoming youth to stay focused and determined throughout all of the crazy times. We asked Neva Failin’ what made him want to come out with something like this, he said, “It’s no better time than now, so many people are surrounded by negative people and thoughts, we all need an outlet and even if we’re not willing to share our own personal stories it’s worth learning from other life interactions”.

This is the time to hone in on your dreams, life journey, passions, goals and win. You’re not alone in your struggle. This is the time to instill the mindset that failure is not a option and is impossible. Neva Failin is destined for greatness and knows the youth is as-well! Make sure to check him out on all social platforms @nevafailin and keep up with his book drop details at

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