Protesters Wear Masks, Follow Social Distancing to Protest Against Israel Government


For the protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, twice as many people showed up on Sunday evening, according to the organizers. People practiced social distancing by standing in surrounding streets around the 2,800 spots that were designated for the protesters. The spots were carefully marked with an X every 2 meters at the square in the heart of Tel Aviv for the protesters following Israel’s social distancing guidelines.

In these times of coronavirus, the protesters holding Israeli flags and plain black flags to protest made for a dramatic picture for the world to see. They were all wearing masks as per the guidelines and were spaced out evenly across the open space and surrounding streets.

People are protesting against Netanyahu’s attacks against Israel’s democratic systems. The organizer Shikma Schwarzmann said that there has been exponential growth in the number of people who are standing up to protect their nation and democracy. At the protest was Member of Parliament Yair Lapid who criticized Netanyahu and Parliament Speaker Benny Gantz.

Lapid said at the protest (pointing at Gantz) that one cannot fight corruption being part of the system. if one is inside it then they are part of the corruption. Lapid added that they are all here to prove that they haven’t and won’t give up and they won’t be following the examples of ‘too many good people’ who have already surrendered as it is how the democracy will die in 21st century. If people become silent and weak and surrender the democracy will die a natural death, it won’t needs tanks to wipe it out.

Ayman Odeh, the leader of the Joint List of Arab parties, was also present at the protest and called for an alliance of Jewish and Arab parties to defeat Netanyahu saying that this crisis is an opportunity to build a democratic camp and a broad Jewish-Arab front for peace and democracy.

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