Rendering of leaked PS5 design brings the rumored console to life

Rendering of leaked PS5 design brings the rumored console to life


If you had any misgivings with regards to the leaked patent for game console by PlayStation assuming that it could be the much-anticipated PlayStation-5, you actually might be pleased to hear the news that Sony actually has been using this design. This is at least till the actually model under production was to look like 3D rendering designed by LetsGoDigital.

The first one to report news about this leaked patent was the Dutch Publication. They created their very own 3D renders to show how the upcoming PlayStation 5 would actually look when it hits the market. All of this was based on patented illustrations which were obtained while showcasing the consoles from various angles. This includes both the ports as well as back section.

While this 3D console in the illustrations might actually look like any weird-looking device for night vision far in the future, it is quite a different look from what was brought together for the current PS4 design. The 3D renders created by LetsGoDigital have managed to take things up a notch while adding a cool factor to the device.

This version of the PS5 doesn’t bring the white body with shaded gray. It sports a completely black sleek exterior that is shiny to look at.

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