The New Approach Vaccine Trials Begin in the UK


The new UK coronavirus vaccine will be tried on 300 people in the coming days. The trial is being led by Professor Robin Shattock and his colleagues and will take place at the Imperial College London. The volunteers have begun being immunized with the new coronavirus vaccine after the test on animals suggested that it is safe and triggers an effective immune response. Oxford University experts have also started human trials. Currently, 120 vaccine programs are underway around the world.

The volunteers taking part in the Imperial College trial are from different walks of life and of different age categories. One of the first people to volunteer, 39 years old Kathy works in Finance. She has volunteered as she wants to play an important part in fighting the virus. She said she wanted to help and didn’t know how and then this way showed up and she rose to the occasion. She wants to be part of the progress and understands that till the time a vaccine is discovered nothing can come to normal the world over.

This trial has moved to the next phase and it is being planned to involve 6k people around October. The Imperial trial team hopes for the vaccine to work and be distributed in the UK and around the world in early 2021. Prince William said to the volunteers that the project is exciting and fascinating. The Duke of Cambridge has met volunteers at the city’s Churchill Hospital who are taking part in Oxford University’s trial.

The vaccine is a new approach to train the immune system to recognize and fight the corona virus without developing Covid- 19. The traditional vaccines have been based on the theory of weakening or modifying the virus but the Imperial vaccine uses a new approach of using synthetic strands of genetic code- RNA, which mimic the virus. The RNA self amplifies when it is injected into muscle and generates copies of itself while instructing the body’s own cells to make copies of a spike protein found on the outside of the virus.

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