Titanic explorers' dive reveals 'shocking' state of wreck

Titanic explorers’ dive reveals ‘shocking’ state of wreck


The first sub dive made to the sunken Titanic ship in almost 15 years has shown that wreck now is deteriorating at a faster pace.

A team of international explorers made 5 submersible dives during early August and surveyed the ship that lies around 3,800m deep in the Atlantic.

Though a few parts of the wreck seemed in good condition, some other features of the vessel are getting destroyed rapidly by salt corrosion, bacteria which feast on metal as well as the deep currents of the ocean.

As per Titanic historian Parks Stephenson, a few features from the deck house on the captain’s quarter side is collapsing.

A footage captured from the recent expedition reveals the vessel’s bow engulfed in rusticles. Expedition researcher Lori Johnson said that the wreck would continue to collapse over time, it is a natural phenomenon.

The British passenger liner RMS Titanic struck an iceberg during its maiden voyage to New York from Southampton and sank in the ocean in the year 1912. Over 1500 people were killed when the vessel, which was carrying 2,224 people on board, sank. The ship now lies on the ocean floor in two major pieces, around 600m apart.

While the expedition team was at the site, they held a brief ceremony to honor those who were killed.

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