Titanium Apple Card shows signs of wear after just one month

Titanium Apple Card shows signs of wear after just one month


Apple recently published on its Support Pages that the Apple Card’s white finish which has been achieved via “Multi-Layer Coating”, might actually be vulnerable to scratches, discoloration, and nicks. This explainer was posted by the company on Tuesday which covers proper cleaning & maintenance methods for the credit card. The document also noted that users need to gently wipe the surface with use of slightly damp, soft, and lint-free cloth with microfiber.

Users that own particularly dirty Apple Card need to take one more step of cleaning their cards with use of cloth that is dipped into isopropyl alcohol. Needless to mention, these steps aren’t typically catered by the card issuers that is inclusive of the ones who have the titanium versions of the card.

Additional caution notes point out that fabric such as denim and leather can permanently discolor white colored matte finish of the card. To add to that, coating can also be corroded if it is kept alongside hard surfaces. After word about this support document went out, the users who had been a part of the Apple Card Preview Program started sharing the experiences online.

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