UK should cut vehicle use to hit zero-carbon target, say MPs

UK should cut vehicle use to hit zero-carbon target, say MPs


The UK government should try and discourage the use of personal vehicles as well as reward the energy-saving homes to accomplish its net-zero global carbon emission aim by the mid-century, said the MPs.

The new Tory governments have made more of promises but have done less about the ongoing climate crisis that has left many gaping policy voids which required to be filled, said the Science and Technology Select Committee in a parliamentary report.

In the list of 10 clean growth steps required to cope up with the voids, the MPs have called for a stamp duty incentive for the energy-efficient home buildings, a ban on sale of diesel and petrol cars to be addresses, more use of technology in order to reduce carbon footprint and discouraging the use of personal vehicles.

The government had claimed this summer of becoming a worldwide climate leader while announcing its longstanding goal of zero-net carbon emission by the year 2050. This was followed by a declaration of the parliament about a climate crisis on May 1.

However, the committee said that such huge pledges made by the government earlier received challenges by many backward steps. According to the report, government action is required to counter the present policy cutbacks or trend as well as slow progress.

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