Vegan Australian parents who left baby girl severely malnourished avoid jail

Vegan Australian parents who left baby girl severely malnourished avoid jail


A couple from Australia who fed their infant daughter strict vegan diet, which left her seriously malnourished, have avoided prison sentence.

The 33-year-old mother and 35-year-old father had pleaded guilty previous year to failing in providing for their kid. They received an 18-month prison term as well as 300hrs community service sentence on Thursday.

The Sydney police had discovered their 20-months-old daughter suffering from a preventable bone infection as well as rickets due to her inadequate diet. A decision to take away the couple’s three kids was then taken by the police.

The court documents showed that the diet of the girl, who is now three, consisted of rice milk, oats, potatoes, rice, tofu and vegetables, with small amounts of snacks sultanas or fruits occasionally.

Judge Sarah Huggett slammed the reckless failure of the couple to offer their child basic necessities for optimal growth. The child was severely underdeveloped, underweight as well as undernourished which caused danger to her life, she added.

The girl was taken to foster care last March when her mom called the emergency health services after she suffered a seizure. The girl had blue lips, low level of blood sugar, cold feet and hands and just a little muscle density, disclosed hospital tests.

Though the health of the girl has improved now, her future health development still remains under doubt.

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