Who is HAR-CO? The Japanese Samurai Hip Hop Legend


Ryutaro Hiroki, who goes by the street names Japanese Samurai, aka HAR-CO (born June 18th, 1982, Tokyo, Japan), is an internationally acclaimed rapper, producer, and musician who is dedicated to creating opportunities in the music scene, especially for skilled artists who have found it difficult to enter the industry.

Spending his early years in Japan, HAR-CO began his interest in music and lyrics when he started to write poems as a young child. From there, his interest in music was undeniable, exploring a range of music scenes from Hardcore Gangsta Rap to Rock N Roll. Combined with his love for words and meaning, music became a part of his existence on every level.

As he developed as a teenager, fate would see HAR-CO join a street gang at the age of 16. Wiser beyond his years, this decision was a direct result of the emotions he felt towards those suffering around him – an imbalance in society needed to be addressed. During his time in gangs, HAR-CO found himself driven towards Mafia and Syndicates, falling deeper and deeper into Japanese gang culture.

As a young adult, HAR-CO began to realise there was a distance between himself and the hip hop culture he had neglected during his gang years. As a result, he opened a hip hop nightclub in Tokyo that not only brought him closer to the culture he missed but also kick- started his own career as a successful hip hop artist. In addition, his nightclub was designed to be a platform for other budding hip hop artists to enter the scene – something difficult to find in Japan at that time. As any great musician with a new project in hand, HAR-CO quickly expanded his skills by learning how to spin records, control a crowd with music and eventually how to rap.

In 2014, HAR-CO moved to New York, USA, to explore the Gangsta Rap scene and seek out formal music education. During his time living in the city’s ghettos around zip 10035, HAR-CO was nicknamed Japanese Samurai (or J.S.), in reference to his Japanese roots and genuine values such as Courage and Loyalty, reflected in both his music and his action. While living in the US, he saw the true hardships of young talented people, systematically put down by the systems that are designed to control them. From police brutality to unequal opportunities for those of different class or race, HAR-CO was inspired to create his own record label “United Asians Prime Corp.” A record label that would serve as a platform for underprivileged artists looking to start a career in the music industry.

In 2015 HAR-CO moved back to Asia to realise his dream of creating his own record label. Seeking talent across Macau, Hong Kong, Cambodia, Philippines, Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand United Asians Prime Corp. was finally established in 2016. With a strict dedication to the record label, he brought in a number of talented Asian artists under his wing to share in his experiences and to give them an opportunity to make it in the hip hop scene, both locally and internationally. In 2018 he settled in Bangkok, Thailand, to be close to the artists and producers he works with daily.

While helping his growing crew of budding artists make it in the music scene, HAR-CO is truly dedicated to creating music that demonstrates his genuine affection towards Hip Hop music and the Hip Hop culture. As one of the only Japanese Hip Hop artists rapping entirely in English, he consistently sets new milestones in the industry and is always looking to inject a new lyrical dimension into his iconic beats.

Today, HAR-CO is again travelling across Asia and the world, focusing on his own music while balancing multiple projects for United Asians Prime Corp. expanding opportunities for talented artists and to showcase his own musical talents to an ever-growing fanbase. As he continues to develop United Asians Prime Corp. and bring opportunity to those who deserve it the most, his passion and loyalty to his cause could not be more evident.

His latest album Hustler is a testament to the love he has for hip hop music and demonstrates his dedication to his fans with over 500,000 views on YouTube in total to date. He is currently working on the rap project ‘Fast Life’, making music in collaboration with artists such as $tupid Young and Kurupt. On July 15th, ‘Fast Life’ ft. J.S. aka HAR-CO.

Connect with J.S aka Har-co to see his Pop/Rap aesthetic grind.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jsgrap/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/j.s_harco/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/harco0618?lang=en

Website:  https://har-co.info/

Record Label: https://unitedasians.net/

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